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Buy Testosterone Propionate – A complex, synthetic form of testosterone. It is a single ester compound. Also It is used for controlled release of hormones and to keep the blood levels stable. It is highly used in the athletic industry for the enhancement of athletic performance.


Buy Testosterone Propionate – Increase testosterone. This is a performance-enhancing drug because high levels of testosterone lead to an increase in lean muscle mass and strength.

The product provides testosterone, which acts as a muscle protectant and saves the body from loss of muscle tissue.


Enhances performance

Testosterone propionate is a performance-enhancing drug. It not only saves muscle mass but also builds more muscle tissue. This increases strength. The product leads to an increase in the red blood cell count. RBCs are the carriers of oxygen. An increase in oxygenation leads to greater muscle strength, endurance, and repair of damaged tissue.

Builds protein

The product also has protein building properties, which lead to better repair and synthesis of many body tissues. Since protein is the building block of body tissues. The product also has nitrogen retention properties. Nitrogen builds up an anabolic environment. All lean tissues contain about 16% of nitrogen. Low levels of nitrogen can be destructive to muscle mass.

Reduces stress

Testosterone propionate also reduces stress hormones like cortisol. After a certain level, stress hormones can be destructive and lead to muscle damage. Stress hormones also promote fat building hormones and form a catabolic environment. But the product can save you from all this trouble.


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The dosage of Testosterone propionate varies depending on the purpose of use. But in most cases, the dosage is low due to its complex ester structure (as compared to other products).

In rare cases, where it is prescribed for Testosterone replacement theory, a dosage of 25-50mg for 2-3 times per week is prescribed.When prescribed as a performance drug, the dosage varies from 100 mg to 300mg per week. Normally, they range from 150-200mg. The time for its use varies with every person and its purpose. But we consider 8 weeks of use a short amount of time. 12 weeks is considered normal, and for excessive strength, some people might even use it for 16 weeks.

Testosterone Propionate is a pure testosterone hormonal agent. Artificial it is a perfect replica of the main normally generated male androgen testosterone. Deliberately, the hormone is connected to the Propionate (propionic acid) ester, a small/short ester that makes it possible for the hormonal agent’s launch time to be controlled. Without an ester, the hormone would certainly disperse and dissipate quickly post administration.

By affixing the ester, this promotes a regulated release and enables the private to infuse the hormonal agent less regularly. When Testosterone Propionate is injected, the ester slowly begins to detach from the hormonal agent. As the ester is separated the testosterone hormonal agent starts to release into the blood. The half-life of Testosterone Propionate is roughly two days, which is significantly longer than ester cost-free testosterone, which lugs a half-life a little less than 1 day.

As a pure testosterone, Testosterone Propionate brings an anabolic ranking of 100 and also an androgenic ranking of 100. The testosterone hormonal agent itself stands for the basis by which all anabolic and androgenic ratings are measured in all anabolic steroids.

Although synthetic in nature, Testosterone Propionate is an efficient hormone for the therapy of reduced testosterone. Testosterone is a vital hormone generated by males and females that influences our physical, psychological and also sex-related wellness. While produced as well as necessary for both sexes, males require approximately ten times that of women. If you suffer from reduced testosterone as well as more than 20 million men in the UNITED STATES deal with some kind of androgen deficiency, Testosterone Propionate will correct the problem. While efficient, after all, it is testosterone, it is not a recommended form of therapy as it will call for constant injections. Testosterone Cypionate and also Testosterone Enanthate stay the dominant forms in therapy strategies. If you suffer and Testosterone Propionate is what’s available it is a suitable choice.


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