Lipostabil N Iv Injection



Lipostabil N iv Injection 5ml Slimming injection made from Germany. Lipostabil N  action aimed at reducing the amount of lipids in the blood, improvement in lipoproteins in blood.  Under the influence of the active ingredient of the drug cholesterol on the artery walls, which can cause atherosclerosis in the future, the transition to a state in which it is easier to be transported, metabolized and output with the bile.

Besides instructions Lipostabil  it indicated that it improves blood viscosity.

The active substances of the preparation: essential phospholipids, theophylline (capsules)

Product Description of Lipostabil N iv Injection

Phosphatidylcholine, as derived from soy bean Lecithin.

Lipostabil is one of the common used in cosmetic line for fat busting.Lipostabil N Iv Injection

Contents: 5 ampoules of 250mg/5ml.

Uses of Lipostabil N iv injection in terms of weight loss.

Weight loss is a decrease in body weight.

A comparative study of biochemical and immunologic patterns showed Lipostabil  treatment to be effective in less than half of the patients with unstable angina.
Lipostabil solution is administered intravenously, it does not need to breed. In some cases, for medical practice of administering the diluted solution – as an additional drug is used levulose, dextrose, or the patient’s blood.

At the beginning of therapy administered intravenously 10-20ml every day for 2-4 weeks. When fat embolism administered intravenously 20-30ml 3-4 per day, and the treatment can continue to improve.

For the prevention of fat embolism administered intravenous 40ml Lipostabil for 3-4 days.

Capsules drink three p per day, 2 capsules before a meal with a glass of water. The treatment lasts on average three months.

Dosage recommended of Lipostabil N 
1 ampoule every week. Each ampoule divided into few portions for different part of body.

Side effects
In the case of individual intolerance can begin allergy.

Modes of Reaction of Lipostabil N 
Phosphatidylcholine has the ability to alter the cholesterol and other fatty acids. It increases the solubility of fat and its deposits. This phosphatidylcholine penetrates skin layer and emulsifies the fat underneath, making them more soluble to water.

Contraindications of Lipostabil N iv Injection
It does not take Lipostabil allergy to it.

Analogs Lipostabil – drugs with other active ingredients, so take them out on their own is not recommended.

Lipostabil solution compatible with the drugs electrolytes.

Storage: Please keep phosphatidylcholine in a cool area until ready to use.


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